Ready to Run


  • Small Group PERSONAL training classes:     With a variety of small group classes to choose from, our clients enjoy the flexibility of attending classes 2 days, 3 days, or an unlimited number of classes per week.    
        The small group classes are led by a certified instructor who ensures each session is challenging yet modified to those clients in attendance. 
       Classes combine a strength component, a cardio conditioning component , and a flexibility component which covers the 3 pillars of a complete fitness program. VIEW CLASS SCHEDULE HERE.


  • 1:1 Private Personal Training Sessions:
         Custom fitness programming, designed around the way you move with YOUR specific goals in mind, delivered at a premium level experience. You will NOT be disappointed. 


  • Small-Group Personal Training Sessions:
         Similar to 1:1 Personal Training, with additional programming based on each client's goal(s). Small Group PT can be 2, 3, or 4 individuals. 



  • Flexibility / Mobility Sessions:
         We're big on MOVEMENT, here at Kronic Fitness. So much, in fact, that MOVEMENT is our initial focus when a client engages in any of our services.
           Ensuring that each of our clients can actively move through a specific range of motion is critical before we add a load to the structure!  Before you lift a single weight, we will ensure your movement patterns are correct and appropriate before implementing a resistance training program.  

  • YOGA
         - Vinyasa Flow
         - Gentle Flow
         - Candlelight Rest & Restore