Having come onto the fitness scene

back in 1995, I wanted to help people....PERIOD!   

   I wanted to help each client become stronger, more "fit", and live a healthier lifestyle. 

    Advances in research throughout the years have changed the methods and modalities used in helping clients be their fittest selves. 

One thing that has not changed over the years, however, is my passion for adding value to your life through physical fitness.

First and foremost, Kronic Fitness clients will learn how to MOVE properly in multiple planes of motion! (because that's how we live our lives). Your mobility is a HUGE part of the fitness equation, so much so, that I devoted an entire day of class programming to mobility (Friday). 

 While YOUR goal may be to bench press a Toyota or have a ripped 6-pack, we first make sure that your mobility is up to par. 

We MUST be able to move properly...not only in the gym but throughout life....for a more effective session but also for a higher quality of life! 

Kronic Fitness classes are programmed for the entire week so that clients have the opportunity to engage in conditioning, strength, mobility and quadrant/rotational classes.   

As a Kronic Fitness client (private or small group), you can prepare to be as strong as possible, as aerobically fit as possible and as mobile/flexible as possible. 


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